Video: Lady Gaga’s Live performances at the Grammy Nominations

Two great performances from the Grammy nominations:

You and I featuring Sugarland:


Marry the Night:


Music from my talented friends

Despite myself being musically challenged and tone deaf,  the majority of my friends are very talented musicians! Here’s a few videos that I wanted to share with you because they are really very good.

Rock Paper Scissors

Made up of Lordi, Phoebe and my close friend Taylor, this band performs great  acoustic music , including  covers and  original material. Check them out on their Facebook page as well as their Youtube account. They are also regulars at many open mic nights in Kent so look out for their next one on their Facebook!

Megan Oliver

Another great friend that plays guitar, piano and sings. Think Phoebe Buffay but with musical talent! She sings covers and has also put some of her own material on her Youtube account.