Has a TSUNAMI struck Cornwall?

Despite this obviously lacking the destructive force of the devastating tsunamis seen in Japan and the Indian ocean, this small wave is what can only be described as a tsunami – filmed in Cornwall on Monday morning!

Although no earthquakes were reported, it’s though the column of water was sent towards Cornwall after a landslide on the continental shelf 200 miles of the coast of Cornwall.

The shift in tidal movements were recorded from  Cornwall to Hampshire as the 2ft high column of water moved from east to west.

Dr Martin Davidson, from the University of Plymouth, confirmed that the mini-tsunami caused by a sand or mud slide out at sea.

He said: ‘They are quite rare and it was probably not a tidal phenomenon but more likely a tsunami of some kind.

‘It was probably not due to an earthquake, which is the normal cause of a tsunami. This one was probably more likely to have been caused by a landslide.’

As if one rare phenomenon wasn’t enough, eyewitnesses also reported that all of their hair stood on end as the wave passed. Experts believe that the wave suddenly altered the air pressure, creating static energy, causes people’s hair to stand on end.

Strange, huh? Check out the video below!



Japanese Tsunami: why they deserve our help

I’m getting incredibly annoyed with people on Twitter and FaceBook at the moment. Far too many people for my liking are saying we shouldn’t help Japan, and asking what they have ever done for us. I don’t know how to put this more eloquently – you are complete fuckwits.

Its the 5th most severe earthquake to ever be recorded, and the worst suffered by Japan. Aproximately 10,000 people have been killed in the Miyagi Prefecture alone. The triple disaster has left over 275,000 homeless, and the radiation leaks could threaten even more.

First of all (I can’t believe I’m going to have to justify sending aid to one of the most serious disasters on record, but never mind) Japanese business provides billions of pounds worth of trade with Britain each year, and provides thousands of jobs. Japanese owned businesses include Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Toshiba, Sony, Mitsubishi, Yahmaha, and Nomora to name but a few. They’re also a key ally for Britain and the US diplomatically.

What’s really pissed me off has been people, mainly Americans, saying that Japan didn’t help in Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake has been “karma” for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese actually donated money and provided relief equipment such as tents to the US after Katrina, as well as after 9/11.

And “karma” for Pearl Harbour? What a joke. The Americans who believe that seem to have forgotten the their own history, with the nuclear attacks on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki being the retaliation for Pearl Harbor.

I’m just glad that these people are in the minority, and not in any sort of power. I’m very pleased that the US, UK and Chinese governments have provided financial aid as well as rescue teams to help in Japan.

If you would like to donate to the rescue effort, don’t forget you can donate $1 to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

You can also buy the Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband here : http://ladygaga.shop.bravadousa.com/Product.aspx?cp=14781_42444&pc=BGAMLG88 All proceeds go to relief efforts.