Music and My Terrible Singing Voice

Right, so @samerjaber777 has challenged me to write a blog post about the topic of Music today, so here goes.

Music is an essential part of my life, but as many of my friends will tell you, I have no musical ability at all. Children have been known to cry when I sing, and my music teacher seemed to be relieved when I chose to stop playing the only instrument I’ve tried to play – the oboe.

But music is an important part of my life. Music is what turns a gathering of friends into an all night party, it’s what connects you to the strangers around you in a club or a gig and it’s an outlet for the emotions that you have that you could never tell people. It’s no surprise that most music is written about love

My music taste is wildly varied. Before I started writing this post I flicked through the songs on my iPod and found Dance hits from the 90’s, 80’s rock hits today’s pop music and eve a few classical pieces. That’s the beauty of music. There’s a track or genre that can reflect any emotion you feel and any frame of mind or environment which you find yourself in.

I would say that most of my music is connected to a particular memory I have. I downloaded The E.N.D by the Black Eyed Peas after watching them perform fantastically at the O2 in 2009. There’s an Irish folk tune on my iPod which reminds me of a holiday in Devon, strangely and there’s a Vengaboys hit (I use the term loosely) which reminds me of those primary school discos!

If there’s one thing I can say about music taste it’s this – don’t let other people dictate what you should like. Music isn’t about the most popular star performing the song, and it shouldn’t be about what’s supposedly cool. Learn to love all types of music, and define your own taste. Even if it is heavy metal or screamo.

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VIDEO: Rihanna Talks That Talk on SNL

I wish they showed Saturday Night Live here in the UK because Rihanna gave two great performances on it last night! Luckily, the two videos are online and here they are, via NBC 🙂 Rihanna performed Talk that Talk, as well as her new single Where Have you Been. Rihanna also released the video for the track this week, and it can be seen in YouTube.


Rihanna, Talk That Talk
Where Have You Been

Update: It looks like WordPress won’t let me embed the videos but I hope the links work for you!

Lady Gaga releases an alternative You and I video!

Mother Monster has surprised fans on twitter my releasing a second video for her current hit, You and I! The two-minute promo is a simple, yet beautiful, video shot in black and white. Little Monsters also have FOUR more videos coming, as Gaga has announced that she made five fashion videos alongside INEZ+VINOODH (I don’t quite know who or what that is, but the video is cool!)

Watch video Number 1 here:

Music from my talented friends

Despite myself being musically challenged and tone deaf,  the majority of my friends are very talented musicians! Here’s a few videos that I wanted to share with you because they are really very good.

Rock Paper Scissors

Made up of Lordi, Phoebe and my close friend Taylor, this band performs great  acoustic music , including  covers and  original material. Check them out on their Facebook page as well as their Youtube account. They are also regulars at many open mic nights in Kent so look out for their next one on their Facebook!

Megan Oliver

Another great friend that plays guitar, piano and sings. Think Phoebe Buffay but with musical talent! She sings covers and has also put some of her own material on her Youtube account.

Lady Gaga single: Born This Way or Express Yourself?

After month’s of waiting, #BornThisWayFriday finally came for Gaga’s Little Monsters as Lady Gaga released her new single from her album, Born This Way.

With strong pop themes the song could be an anthem for equality and acceptance, as Gaga’s lyrics tell people to love who they are regardless of race, disability or sexuality.

However, whilst many monsters love the single, many critics are swarming all over this track, suggesting that it bears many similarities with Madonna’s 80’s club hit, “Express Yourself.” Though even the critics seem divided, with Rolling Stone Magazine calling it an “instant-classic club anthem”, and others slating the single as an Express Yourself rip-off.

Could this be Lady Gaga’s direct challenge to Madonna’s Queen of Pop crown, or a homage to a true music icon? And to be honest, with an estimated $350m fortune, who could blame Gaga for trying to overtake the Material girl?

Personally, I love Born This Way, I think it will be a great party song and I have no doubt that it will feature highly in the UK Top 40, even a number one.

UPDATE: Born This Way is Number 1 on iTunes in 17 countries!

So what do you think, is Born This Way a hit or a flop? Listen to both below:

Rihanna Angry as BBC Censors “S&M” single

After the BBC announce Rihanna’s provocative new single “S&M” under the title “Come On”, Rihanna blows her top on twitter after finding out from a fan. When tweeted by a fan asking why the single’s title had changed, RiRi replied “Are you f**king kidding me???”

The Only Girl in the World replied “Absolutely NOT!!!” when another fan asked if she approved of the name change.

The re-name happened when the Sunday chart was announced on BBC Radio 1, and comes after the video for the track was banned in 11 countries. Moreover, the BBC has refused to play the track, with provacative lyrics including “Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me” before 7pm.

The song joins the list of songs banned by teh BBC at some point, including the ban of “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood” and cutting of lyrics from  “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues.

Watch Rihanna’s video to see if you agree with the its censorship (some may need to sign in):