Carlo’s Kitchen

My dad recently sold his main restaurant, La Cucina, after 9 years of fantastic memories, great food and excellent parties, so we’re really excited to be working on his other venture, Carlo’s Kitchen! It’s a slightly different palce to La Cucina, it’s more of an eatery. It’s more modern, you can come in for a coffee or for an excellent lunch and you can even takeaway a meal. With school work and exams I don’t really get to go up there as much as I like (which will change in the summer!) but I’ve been helping out by working on the twitter and facebook sites. I’ve even got a t-shirt!

If you love coffee, great Italian food and you’re in London soon then take a look at Carlo’s Kitchen!

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5 Things to look forward to in 2012

1. London 2012! 

Wenlock & Mandeville: If you don't know who these two are you will after the Olympics!

As you all know, the Olympics are coming to London! It will open on July 27th and close on August 12th, and will be followed by the Paralympics. Less excited members of our nation can look forward to constant media coverage of the event. Also, did you know that London will become the first city to host the Olympics three times? No, I didn’t either.

2.  The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Queen Liz will celebrate 60 years of rule with a multitude of events including a flotilla of 1,000 boats sailing down the Thames on 3rd June and a concert organised by Gary Barlow, of X Factor judging fame. Also, there will be a four-day weekend! Goad Save the Queen!

3. New Films

Twilight crazies and Lord of the Rings nuts will be looking forward to the release of the final film in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, and the release of The Hobbit. Non-fans should be wary of devastated screaming teenage girls and long queues of nerds.

4. I’m going to uni!

Ok, so I might be running out of things here but I’m looking forward to going to uni, if I get a place, the grades etc.

5. THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

Right, I know many people may not be looking forward to the predicted forthcoming Apocalypse, but if it’s anything like the film, just keep running and the lava won’t hurt you!


To be fair, 2012 can only be better than 2011, can’t it?


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Oh na na, what’s my name

Rihanna was fantastic at the O2 on Wednesday night!

Hi Guys who read my blog, how are you all?

I’m very well at the moment. I’ve had another very busy week – I’m actually can’t wait for the half-term break which starts in a weeks time!

My week started with some friend’s parties last weekend – it was my friend Alex and Jess’s (yes they are twins) 18th Birthday last week – we all had a great time celebrating it on Friday and Saturday. It’s great to have friends that can drink as well as me know, I don’t have to feel like a total alcoholic being the only one drinking on a night out anymore!

The highlight of my week has to be the Rihanna concert on Wednesday though! I went with two friends and my brother to the O2, and I have to say Ri Ri was fantastic!

She opened the concert with “Only Girl in the World” and proceeded to dance, strip and whip her way through some of her hits, including my favourite “What’s My Name?” as well as “Pon de Replay”, “Rude Boy”, “Unfaithful” and many other hits.

Her vocals were amazing, even the huge fight  in the block next to us didn’t distract us (much) from  her performance!

She of course had many costume changes, pole dancers, chains & whips as well as lots of great dancers! I also heard that she got the tube with her fans to the O2, which I think shows her sense of fun!

Calvin Harris was supporting her, and his set was just as good. He played lots of his own stuff, includung his and Rihanna’s current number one, “We Found Love” which is currently my most played song on my iPod!

Anyway, that’s my two highlights of this week, amongst others. I hope you’ve had a good week too!


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The English Defence League and why they’re no Englishmen that I know

London: Our metropolis is a proud mixture of many cultures

Like many people that live in this country we call Great Britain, my heritage does not originate in this country. My dad’s family settled in London in the 60’s from a very small, very rural village in Southern Italy, and my mum’s Grandfather came to London after traumatically losing his first wife in Ireland.

Despite coming from different places, both wings of my family had more in common than their Catholic guilt. My Irish Great-Grandfather and Italian Grandparents came here for the British dream. That’s similar to the well-known American Dream of wealth and freedom for the hard working, but with tea and scones and our stiff-upper-lip attitude.

My family’s roots are common for many people who came to London. I can’t deny that racism and violence has been experienced my some foreign immigrants, but I have to say that my family were welcomed with open arms to the great melting pot of culture that is London.  And why shouldn’t they have been? England is a country derived from the roots of other people – in fact, to be Anglo-Saxon means to come from Scandinavian and Germanic descent.

But today, it seems that an increasing minority of “English People”, Anglo-Saxons, have become disillusioned with the idea of immigration to our country, and the cultures that are brought here.

Before you start thinking I’m going to go into a long, politically correct rant about how it’s racist to talk about cutting immigration, I’m not. I absolutely agree that we can’t have limitless numbers of people flooding through our borders; quite simply the size of our small yet strong nation just can’t cope with that.  What puts my back up though is the idea that people have bought their culture to this country thus destroying our culture.

Yesterday, over 1,000 members of the English Defence League met at Aldgate in London to protest against Islamification of our culture in Britain. “It’s not British!” they cried, “It takes away our identity!” Well I disagree. It is British.

British to me is of course tea and scones and country pursuits, but it’s more than that. Britishness is being able to have a Chinese meal one night, an Indian takeaway the next, a pizza for lunch one day, and a Turkish Kebab on the way home from the pub.  Britishness is a meeting of minds, a meeting of cultures and, absolutely, the pride to be part of so many cultures.

But of course, to argue against the EDL, we have to consider their argument. Is Britain becoming more Islamified? Yes, it is. But only because we’re becoming more GLOBALISED. Because of the media, the internet, Twitter, Facebook and cheap travel we experience more cultures and traditions, and we bring them home to our Great Britain, creating a culture that has roots  from all over the globe.

And globalisation doesn’t just happen one way. Just in my experience of other cultures, I’ve seen our British influence. From Scottish castles in the Canadian Rockies, to afternoon tea in Singapore, the best of Britishness has left its imprint on the world, and the world loves that, just as many Londoners love the cultures shown to them in their own city

So, I say to the EDL, yes, other cultures are changing and shaping our culture, but it’s only adding to Britishness, not taking away Britain’s heart.

I’m not naïve enough to believe that my writing and arguments will change the ignorant, closed mind of an EDL member, but I do realise that my thoughts will have much more in common with the 1,500 people who went out on the streets of London yesterday to oppose the much smaller amount of EDL thugs.