Video: Lady Gaga’s Live performances at the Grammy Nominations

Two great performances from the Grammy nominations:

You and I featuring Sugarland:


Marry the Night:


Lady Gaga releases an alternative You and I video!

Mother Monster has surprised fans on twitter my releasing a second video for her current hit, You and I! The two-minute promo is a simple, yet beautiful, video shot in black and white. Little Monsters also have FOUR more videos coming, as Gaga has announced that she made five fashion videos alongside INEZ+VINOODH (I don’t quite know who or what that is, but the video is cool!)

Watch video Number 1 here:

Lady Gaga wins at the MMVA Awards 2011

Lady Gaga was one of the big winners at last nights MMVA Awards show, hosted in Toronto.

Gaga took home both the Best International Video award for her single “Judas” as well as the most popular international artist, an award which is voted for by fans, which she certainly isn’t lacking at the moment.

Justin Bieber was another big winner, being voted best artist by people in his home country.

Gaga wore a variety of outfits to the awards show, as she also performed Born This Way and The Edge Of Glory.

Lady Gaga also hatched from a cocoon at that start of  her performance of Born this way. It drew comparisons to the Grammy Awards performance, where Gaga hatched from a designer “vessel” (we all know it’s an egg Gaga!)

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Watch the Edge of Glory MMVA performance below:



BALD GAGA: More videos from Paul O’Grady

Wow, Bald Gaga sure is popular! Here’s some videos I’ve found of the performances from the Paul O’Grady Lady Gaga Special, all in one place for you, Little Monsters!

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Enjoy! 😀

You & I:


The Edge Of Glory:


Born This Way/Judas:

BALD GAGA: We all know this will trend for days!

Who says Lady Gaga couldn’t shock us anymore?

The pop icon and wig enthusiast has shocked fans arund the world by performing a track from her Born This Way, ironically called Hair, with a completely shaved head.

As all monsters know, it’s not unusual to see Gaga with different hairstyles, but to see her go Britney-bald is jaw-dropping!

Gaga performed the song alongside other tracks from Born This Way on a Paul O’Grady special. She also gave an interview about her unprecedented rise to fame.

Twitter users will be well aware that when Mother Monster wore her famous Meat Dress, the phrase trended for days, so expect to see Bald Gaga trending for a while yet

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A poll for the Monsters: What is your favourite track by Lady Gaga?

Calling all Monsters! Vote here for your most favourite track from Born this Way!

From tweeting and reading Gaga related articles I know a lot of fans have different opinions of the track so I would

love to know which track from Born This Way is most popular. Don’t forget to comment and say why you voted for your chosen track!

How do you become a fashion icon?

I'm not sure if this Haus of Gaga look will catch on

By wearing NOTHING! Or that at least is how a certain Lady Gaga does it! After being awarded the Fashion Icon Award at the CFDA Fashion awards in New York, Gaga partied hard in nothing but a g-string, see through body suit and nipple covers, accompanied of course with blue hair and 24 inch heels.

Lady Gaga had originally arrived wearing a long black Thierry Mugler dress, but chose to strip off after she exposed a little too much on the red carpet. Mugler was also the designer do created many pieces for Gaga’s Born This Way video released earlier this year. Gaga was accompanied by several minders who made sure the pop icon didn’t fall whislt striding along the carpet in 24 inch heels!

Gaga arrives with her minders wearing her signature sky-high shoes

She accepted the Fashion Icon award from Stephen Gan, V-Magazine Editor In Chief, saying:

All of you made me feel like a star before I was.

‘As much as this award means to me personally… I just want you to know how much this means to young Americans.’

At the after party Lady Gaga also performed Somewhere Over the Rainbow with Patti Labelle.

In other news from the fashion world, Jessie J has been named Woman of Tomorrow at the Glamour awards in London, an event which was also attended by reality TV queen Kim Kardashian, who won Entrepeneur of the Year.

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Lady Gaga: Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Lady Gaga leaving her London hotel before performing at Radio 1's Big Weekend in Carlisle

She may have kept us waiting, but Lady Gaga proved it was worth it as she performed Edge of Glory at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Sunday night.

Gaga also performed the jazz hit Orange Coloured Sky with a special tribute to royal lovers Kate and William.

Lady Gaga is in Britain as part of her promotional tour for her forthcoming album Born This Way which is out on the 23rd May.

UPDATE: The YouTube videos are no longer available but you can watch the full performance, including Born This Way, Judas and Bad Romance here

In other Gaga news, the Judas singer has become the first person to reach 10 MILLION followers on Twitter! Thats more followers than there are people in Ireland and Wales combined!