Food and the Trouble with Social Media

As many of you well know, I have a little bit of an addiction with social media. I can hear you nodding in agreement, probably as you try to ignore my latest inane tweet, attention grabbing Facebook post or “vintage” style photograph from Instagram. I should spend less time on these sites but they interest me very much.

I love being able to keep in touch with my closest friends on Facebook now that we have all been separate by university; I love the banter and debate that Twitter provokes and more recently I have enjoyed sharing pictures with everyone on Instagram. But it’s also nice to take a look back and see what kind of things one has posted. I did this, and I have identified that I have a deep fascination with one topic. Food.

I tweet about it, I post about it, and I even take photos of it and share them. It looks like it’s all I think about, and I’m wondering if it is something that should concern me, as I sit here writing whilst devouring some chocolate buttons.

I’m not usually a fan of “instablogging” but here are some of the highlights of my social media and food relationship from the past few months. I might even post some of the recipes in the future, so please let me know what interests you.  You can do this by tweeting me, commenting on here, on my Facebook page, on an Instagram post…

This is an in-progress shot of a pasta sauce I was making, made to the recipe that my Nonna uses (and her tomato passata bottles)


Here’s a very nice Pad Thai I made only the other night. I love Thai food in particular, and this is one of my favourite Thai dishes, plus it simple to cook. 


Insomnia and hunger do not mix. I made this Rocket & Parmesan salad with a balsamic dressing at about 1:30am when I couldnt sleep. On another note, I should probably stop watching Nigella Lawson


A Parma Ham and mozzarella ciabatta sandwich that I ate at my dad’s eatery Carlo’s Kitchen on Union Street. Very nice. Especially after a day of lectures and a train journey.


I made this vegetable soup myself! It’s so healthy, delicious and cheap which is perfect for being a student.


Finally, here’s me eating a pavlova that my mum made. Its my favourite dessert, and she made it on the day of the Olympic Closing Ceremony, hence the Union jack (and gin & tonic).




Finally, I have reached the end of my A Level exams! My last one, biology, was this morning and I have an amazing sense of freedom right now! Its great to be able to put all the exam’s behind me and just have a good time. I’m looking forward to going to some great parties, spending more time with friends as well as with my family. I’ve got a great trip coming up with my Dad which will involve lots of wine drinking and food, as well as a trip to Barcelona with friends, which will give me a chance to start  travel blogging again.

The pile of notes I don’t have to look at ever again!

I’m not entirely confident that I have got the right grades for the univeristy courses that I have applied for, so I’m researching courses to apply for on clearing already, as well aslooking at all my options. My geography and English exams went well, but biology, as always, was a struggle. I’m going to work hard this summer to make sure I have lots of options at the end of the year. I feel like this summer is going to be good for me, I’m looking forward to moving onto new things, and just having fun again!

You might have noticed already, but I’ve set up a new Facebook page for my blog. I don’t want to keep annoying friends and family with blog posts! It’s going to be the place for new blog posts and other content on Facebook, so like it if you like my blog!

Carlo’s Kitchen

My dad recently sold his main restaurant, La Cucina, after 9 years of fantastic memories, great food and excellent parties, so we’re really excited to be working on his other venture, Carlo’s Kitchen! It’s a slightly different palce to La Cucina, it’s more of an eatery. It’s more modern, you can come in for a coffee or for an excellent lunch and you can even takeaway a meal. With school work and exams I don’t really get to go up there as much as I like (which will change in the summer!) but I’ve been helping out by working on the twitter and facebook sites. I’ve even got a t-shirt!

If you love coffee, great Italian food and you’re in London soon then take a look at Carlo’s Kitchen!

Check out Carlo’s Kitchen on Facebook:

Follow on Twitter! @carloskitchen

Make Joseph Kony Famous.

Joseph Kony is a war criminal. As head of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, he has bought violence to large part so the country, resulting in the displacement of over 2,000,000 people. Kony is wanted and indicted with 33 counts of war crimes, 12 of which are crimes against humanity, including murder, enslavement and using rape as a weapon of war.

Kony is indiscriminate. Men, women and children have all been murdered, injured, raped, kidnapped and forced to fight by Kony’s forces. In fact, over 66,000 children have been taken from their homes, their families and their safety and forced to fight for him and the LRA.

Joseph Kony is also classed by the United States as a Global Terrorist, and they have sent a small task force of 100 troops to Uganda to help combat against the LRA.

The facts have always been there. The dead have always been counted, children have always been reported as missing, yet Kony has been able to continue committing crimes against the human race for nearly 30 years.

Now, in 2012, enough is enough. Invisible Children, an activist group which aims to make the world aware of the crimes being committed in Uganda, are spearheading a campaign to make Joseph Kony famous. They hope that if his crimes are famous, more will be done to capture him and to prevent the LRA from committing more crimes.

Invisible Children have made a short documentary about Joseph Kony, his crimes and their impacts on children, as well as how you can help. You can watch the video below, on YouTube, and you can find out more at

Please share, tweet, blog, post and link this video everywhere, so the message to #STOPKONY can be seen my as many people as possible.

Japanese Tsunami: why they deserve our help

I’m getting incredibly annoyed with people on Twitter and FaceBook at the moment. Far too many people for my liking are saying we shouldn’t help Japan, and asking what they have ever done for us. I don’t know how to put this more eloquently – you are complete fuckwits.

Its the 5th most severe earthquake to ever be recorded, and the worst suffered by Japan. Aproximately 10,000 people have been killed in the Miyagi Prefecture alone. The triple disaster has left over 275,000 homeless, and the radiation leaks could threaten even more.

First of all (I can’t believe I’m going to have to justify sending aid to one of the most serious disasters on record, but never mind) Japanese business provides billions of pounds worth of trade with Britain each year, and provides thousands of jobs. Japanese owned businesses include Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Toshiba, Sony, Mitsubishi, Yahmaha, and Nomora to name but a few. They’re also a key ally for Britain and the US diplomatically.

What’s really pissed me off has been people, mainly Americans, saying that Japan didn’t help in Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake has been “karma” for the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese actually donated money and provided relief equipment such as tents to the US after Katrina, as well as after 9/11.

And “karma” for Pearl Harbour? What a joke. The Americans who believe that seem to have forgotten the their own history, with the nuclear attacks on both Hiroshima and Nagasaki being the retaliation for Pearl Harbor.

I’m just glad that these people are in the minority, and not in any sort of power. I’m very pleased that the US, UK and Chinese governments have provided financial aid as well as rescue teams to help in Japan.

If you would like to donate to the rescue effort, don’t forget you can donate $1 to the Red Cross by texting REDCROSS to 90999.

You can also buy the Lady Gaga Japan Earthquake Relief Wristband here : All proceeds go to relief efforts.