BALD GAGA: More videos from Paul O’Grady

Wow, Bald Gaga sure is popular! Here’s some videos I’ve found of the performances from the Paul O’Grady Lady Gaga Special, all in one place for you, Little Monsters!

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Enjoy! 😀

You & I:


The Edge Of Glory:


Born This Way/Judas:


BALD GAGA: We all know this will trend for days!

Who says Lady Gaga couldn’t shock us anymore?

The pop icon and wig enthusiast has shocked fans arund the world by performing a track from her Born This Way, ironically called Hair, with a completely shaved head.

As all monsters know, it’s not unusual to see Gaga with different hairstyles, but to see her go Britney-bald is jaw-dropping!

Gaga performed the song alongside other tracks from Born This Way on a Paul O’Grady special. She also gave an interview about her unprecedented rise to fame.

Twitter users will be well aware that when Mother Monster wore her famous Meat Dress, the phrase trended for days, so expect to see Bald Gaga trending for a while yet

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