About Andréa Avena

I’m currently a Geography student at Royal Holloway and I’ve chosen to study it because I’m particularly interested in travel, how people interact with the world around them as well as economic geographies.

I started this blog as I found that I have too much to say sometimes and 140 characters on twitter isn’t always enough! I try to blog at least once a week but sometimes I post a little less frequently.

My future ambitions are to work as a travel writer, as well as running a business in retail or catering. I also do really enjoy using social media sites like twitter and facebook, so please follow me and drop me a tweet, I always reply!

I also like to read comments and critiques of my blog as I feel my writing can only improve with the advice of people who read it, so please don’t be afraid to comment! Also, if you blog too send me the url, I enjoy reading other people’s writing.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog,


Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/andrea_avena,

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