A whirlwind year.

This time one year ago I had just finished my last A level exams and I was looking forward to enjoying the last summer with my friends from secondary school, as well as having an anxious wait for results to serif I had got into university.

Fast forward a year later, and I’m sitting here organising what needs to be done before I move into my house next week, ready to start my second year of university. It’s safe to describe my first year at uni as being a complete whirlwind. To use as many X Factor-style metaphors as possible, my first year has been a roller coaster with some amazing highs, some challenging personal lows, but I’ve come out of it as a much stronger person, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’ll stop now before I start going on about how I’ve “found myself” (I’m still looking).

For me, despite the lows, starting uni has been the best choice I’ve made. I’ve become far more independent, I’ve found people who are like-minded and I’ve learned how to deal with hangovers and sleep deprivation whilst facing morning lectures. It’s character building stuff.

My personal highlights have included a geography field trip to Spain (which incidentally was the subject of my last post all those months ago) as well as the Summer Ball which was not only a fantastic evening but a great chance to see how much had changed since I started uni in September. I experienced so many new weird and wonderful things (notably the Rocky Horror Show) and I have so many fantastic memories of my first year at uni.

Looking ahead, I intend to start blogging more regularly as I think I’m going to pursue a career in writing. Look out for tips on starting university, as well some travel writing blog posts from a very exciting trip I have coming up in the next few weeks…

As always you can find me on Twitter and Instagram (@andrea_avena) and on Facebook.

Some friends and I at the end of year Geography Boat Party.

Some friends and I at the end of year Geography Boat Party.


My great friend Ellie and I before a night out!

My great friend Ellie and I before a night out!



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