Ten Things to Do Before I Die

A large Napoleon Wrasse on the Great Barrier Reef

1. Scuba Dive on the Great Barrier Reef

I’ve been lucky enough to be taught by a close friend to scuba dive when I was ten years old. I’ve dived around the UK, Indonesia and the Maldives, but I’d love to see the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia, which is the largest coral reef system on Earth. I’d also get to see more of my favourite marine animals – sharks!

2. Overcome my fear of Caves.

I‘ve hated being underground since I was five years old my parents took me Chislehurst caves for a fun day out! I even had a small panic attack in the papal grotto in the Vatican. Maybe one day I could try potholing or something, though I’m not keen to try this soon.

3. Learn to ride a horse

Even though I now live in the countryside, I’ve never actually been on a horse! I’m not scared of this one though, hopefully I can try my hand at riding this summer.

4. Live Abroad

I’ve found that when you travel to new places and try new things you always learn something valuable about yourself and your life. I’d love to live abroad for a while, maybe America or Singapore, and do something completely different.

5. Set up a charity

I believe that you can never give enough back to people. I don’t know what cause I would want to support, but helping to eradicate poverty in developing countries is important for everyone.

6. Go to Petra, Jordan

Petra is in Jordan and there are huge temples carved into rock. It was in the Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

7. Join a secret society

Everyone makes such a fuss about the Illuminati (If everyone knows about it, it can’t be that secret) but if there is a proper society full of secrets, I want to know them.

A rock-cut building in Petra, Jordan

8. Write a Book

I want to write a book so that when I die there is something left behind for people to remember me by! I’d love to write a proper crime thriller, but I need to get better at creative writing.

9. Learn to make cocktails

Okay, maybe this one is a bit camp but you would definitely be popular at parties if you can mix a good drink!

10. Die spectacularly.

I don’t want to just fizzle out; my demise has to be dramatic!


4 thoughts on “Ten Things to Do Before I Die

  1. Good blog Andrea!
    My top five would be:
    1. Put more than 10 jaffa cakes in my mouth at one time (currently on 7)
    2. Run a couple of marathons, preferably then london one
    3. Climb kilimanjaro ( everest would be crazy)
    4. Visit every continent including antartica
    5. Burp the alphabet

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