Twilight? Pah, It’s time for a proper Vampire movie!

I normally leave all things film related to Louis Sherman, but today I’m going to step into his territory just a bit to share with you a film trailer. Vampires are very popular at the moment, what with The Vampire Diaries and Twilight being hugely popular. However, I feel these interpretations have reduced the Vampire legend to a soppy, teenage love story. Luckily, the Vampire has now had a makeover by the Gothic master himself, Tim Burton, and I’m looking forward to seeing what looks like a humourous new film, starring Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer and my favourite Gothic actress, Helena Bonham Carter.

Barnabus Collins, the vampire and protagonist played by Johnny Depp, has returned to his ancestral home to find 1972 is  quite different to the 1700s…

I’ll be looking forward to seeing this film when it comes out on 11th May 🙂


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