OSCARS: Did Sacha Baron Cohen go too far?

After a week of speculation about whether the Academy would allow Sacha Baron Cohen, otherwise known as The Dictator, to attend Hollywood’s biggest night, we find out what kind of incident they were hoping to avoid.

Dressed as a character from his new film, Cohen was being interviewed by E! Entertainment star Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet before the prestigious awards ceremony when he tipped an urn of ashes over Ryan. The Dictator claimed that the ashes belongs to the late Kim Jong Il, as he was hurried away by security.

Seacrest seemed a bit pissed with Cohen, but took it well saying that he was “surprised, but not that surprised” that it had happened to him, though he thought George Clooney would have been Cohen’s target.

Watch the incident below:

In other Oscar news, Meryl Streep won Best actress for her role as Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady” whilst the star of the heavily nominated “The Artist” Jean Dujardin won Best Actor, becoming the first man to win an Oscar for a silent film in 83 years.

Did Sacha Baron Cohen go to far or was it just a funny prank? Tweet me or comment below!


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