5 great ways to get more Twitter Followers

Lots of people have been asking me how to get more followers recently, so I thought I would do a quick blog post to help people out.

1.Follow People you find interesting and @mention them

This gets people to notice you and what you tweet, which makes them more likely to follow you back. Everyone is on twitter to make new connections, so if you start following people they can see you are interested in their tweets. Don’t forget to follow back people who follow you as well!

2. Don’t use the “protect your tweets” feature.

This to me is a pointless feature. It blocks people who don’t follow you from seeing what you tweets so people can’t see how great you are to follow.

3. Use #hastags and participate in Trending Topics

These are tools twitter followers use to see what is being said about a particular topic, so if you include them in your tweets, what you say can be seen by a wider audience. However, you need to make sure what you’re saying is original! Which take us to number 4…

4. Be orginal, creative and amusing

There are over 360,000,000 twitter users (as of August 2011) so you need to stand out if you want more people to follow you! Come up with creative points for discussions that are trending, or just find something random be funny about. People follow people who amuse them, so find something to talk about with other users. People don’t want a run down of everything you have done, eaten, read, or thought, but they want to hear your opinions on topics.

5. Be consistent

Twitter users are harsh – they will unfollow people who bore them, tweet too much, don’t tweet enough, aren’t funny, i could go on…. So when you find that something you tweet gets people following, retweeting, or mentioning you, try tweet similar things in future.


If you want to ask me anything else you can tweet me here. Follow me as well, i’ll follow you back and you’ve gained a follower just by reading this!


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