Video: Disgustingly Racist woman in #MyTramExperience Arrested

I’m incredibly pleased to find out that the disgustingly  racist woman in the #MyTramExperience video has been arrested. Trying to argue against a such moronic, ignorant woman would be futile, but it’s all people on the train surrounding the woman dealt with the situation in a fantastic way.

Although people like this should be exposed and rightfully prosecuted, it’s sad that this video will now be seen around the world, possibly leaving people to believe that these views are widespread in Britain.

As a white, British male I want people to know that most people in our country are disgusted at the way this individual behaved, and our diverse multicultural society is celebrated and loved.


One thought on “Video: Disgustingly Racist woman in #MyTramExperience Arrested

  1. I am stunned! If you look at her mouth movements, I suspect the girl is on drugs. Absolutely no excuse and what a terrible upbringing that child will have. Lets hope social services will intervene and the silly girl gets a jail sentence.

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