Is Justin Bieber a Dad?

The magazine which reported Mariah Yeater's claims.

Like any twitter addict today, my timeline has full of “is he, isn’t he posts” by some of the most ruthless people on the planet – the Beliebers.

Apparently some crazy Justin Bieber fan has claimed that her three-month old baby was fathered by the Bieber backstage at one of his concerts, in all about 30 seconds, as some people on twitter have told me (pass the bucket!!!!)

The whole story seems to be fabricated on the surface of it – it’s not unusual for claims like this to be made against pop stars, even Michael Jackson wrote the song “Bille Jean” about a similar incident.

However, when you read deeper the mother of the child, Mariah Yeater, may have a credible claim. Of course, there are many crazy people who will do for media exposure and money (it seems appropriate to link my post about Kim K’s divorce here.. #justsayin)   but by putting forward this claim, the 20 year old mother has put herself on the line. As Bieber was only 17 at the age the alleged “impregnation” took place, Mariah Yeater could technically be charged for statutory rape of a minor. Which, of course, suggests that she is very sure that a paternity claim against Justin Bieber would be won.

Justin Bieber’s “people” have strongly denied the claims, but they would, wouldn’t they?

Are you a die-hard Belieber? Is Mariah Yeater Satan in disguise or could her claims have merit? Let me know what you think my commenting below!


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