Kim Kardashian to divorce after 72 days.

kim kris

Surprise? The marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries is over after 72 days.

The news that Kim Kardashian will be divorcing her husband Kris Humphries was broken in the last hour by Ryan Seacrest, producer of “Keeping up With the Kardashians” over twitter.

The announcement comes after weeks of speculation about the state of their marriage, afte rboth Kim and Kris have been seen partying without each other.

It is reported that the couple earned over $18million from television and image rights from the wedding. It’s also known that a prenuptial agreement was signed, ruling out a messy, expensive divorce and protecting Kim K’s millions.

Some are already that this was just a canny way to gain media exposure – the wedding of course was seen around the world.

Is it really surprise? Not really, Kim herself once said that she wanted to marry as many men as her idol Elizabeth Taylor, who famously married EIGHT times.

More to follow as a statement by Kim Kardashian is expected.

Was the marriage a fake or just unfortunate? What do you think? Comment below


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