Goodbye September, Hello October

Goodbye September, Hello October

What a month it has been! Seeing “Goodbye September, Hello October” trend on twitter has made me think about how quickly time goes now. Between starting school again, celebrating a multitude of birthdays (I’m now 19!) and anniversaries, as well as having anew business venture in the family, Septemeber has been a crazy month!

It’s crazy how the time just goes, one minute you’re ending the summer, thinking about all the work you are going to do and how hard-working your going to be, and the next minute its the end of the month and you’ve got nothing done.

From next week I’ve promised my self that I’m going to knuckle down and do work. Get UCAS sorted, get the grades and all that stuff. I’ll try to keep up with the blogging, though this month I haven’t done much blog-related

But not before a big celebration, becuase it’s my friends birthday’s today. Happy Birthday to Alex and Jess Parker! (They’re twins)

I hope everyone has had a wonderful month, and an even better October.

Andréa x

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