Boycott News of the World

Mock NOTW front cover that I found on Twitter

I’ve been watching the recent events regarding phone hacking at the News of the World with disgust and dismay. How could someone possibly believe that hacking the phones of public figures, murder victims and their families as well as high ranking police detectives could be morally, ethically and legally ok? And how could one of the biggest news companies do this so systematically.

This is what led me to want to take some form of action. I have never, and never will, buy News of the World (other than phone hacking, even the standard of reportage is questionable…). By the actions of the News of the World, it’s clear that their only interest is commercial gain. So this is where we have to hit them.  Ford motoring company has led the way for many other advertisers to pull their advertising from the paper, partly due to pressure from Twitter and Facebook users.

Please join the boycott by tweeting under the #boycottNOTW hashtag, as well as liking the campaign page that I have set up, ( as well as others which I have linked to on the page.


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