J.K Rowling announces PotterMore!

Harry Potter JK Rowling today announced the Pottermore website

Muggles have been eagerly awaiting this announcement since owls started to appear across the internet.

Rowling told fans through a video posted on Youtube that Pottermore will be a space for fans to read information about the books, access e-books and audiobooks and the website will be shaped by the fans.

Pottermore will have new information about the books, as its been reported that Rowling has written 18,000 words to be added to the site. Rowling has stated that the website will have material that didn’t make a books, as well as material she has “been hoarding for years”.

On the new interactive site, the author said, “This is such a great way to give something back to the fans who made Harry Potter such a huge success.”

The website will be officially open to all fans in October, but it will open as a Beta version to one million people on the 31st of July, which coincidentally is both Harry Potter’s and JK Rowling’s Birthday!

Users can also look forward to have the opportunity to shop for wands in Diagon Alley, travel to Hogwarts from Platform 9& 3/4  at London’s King’s Cross train station and, of course be sorted into Hogwarts’ school houses using the Sorting Hat.

However, Rowling has again confirmed that she will not be writing an eighth book in the series, but won’t rule out putting together an encyclopaedia, though she has no plans to do so just yet.

So, any Muggles who would like to find out more about the Magical World of Harry Potter, get yourself over to Pottermore.com and sign up!




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