What a Planker….

The current internet planking craze might suddenly seem a little less funny now, after angry chef Gordon Ramsay tweeted pictures of

Fly like a G6? Lol JK its only a G4

himself planking  on a plane as well as a yacht in some sunny location, apparently in California.

For the uninitiated, planking is a prank where a person lays face down, hands at their sides as if they are standing up – just look at the pages on facebook to find planking pictures!

Planking gained notoriety in the press last month when an Australian planker fell to his death whilst  planking on a balcony.

It’s thought the craze originates in Somerset where it was called the lying down game ( this probably indicates how much there is to do in Somerset) but the term planking is thought to have come from Australia.

Although this is the first time pictures like this have been released, Ramsay has been called a planker many times befor….oh wait…

Chef Gordon Ramsay tweeted several pictures of himself planking



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