Today I would like to thank all the people who read, like and tweet about my blog posts – this week I have had more views than any other week, and broke my highest number of views in a day – twice!

So I would like to thank everyone who has read my blog and tweeted about it this week, especially Cydara, (@isitthattime) who has been helping me promote my blog this week (as well as reassuring me that my tweeting about my blog posts isnt too annoying…….)

I’ve noticed that I get high numbers of views when I blog about Lady Gaga, though as much as I am a huge fan of hers, I don’t want to turn this blog into a Lady Gaga fan site! So I would like to know what you all enjoy reading about most on my blog!

Please feel free to comment here, or on my new Facebook page which I set up this week.

Once again, thankyou very much, I’ll look forward to hearing from you.


2 thoughts on “Thankyou!

  1. It has been a pleasure to chat with you this week & so glad you feel that I have helped in some small way! You have really gone at it with gusto now & as I said before …plug, plug & plug some more! That’s what I do & I too have had the busiest week ever so happy days for both of us! I love the whole look and feel of your blog now so keep up the good work & you know where I am if you need anything. Well done you xx

  2. Well done, thats awesome, check out my new look blog, i need your help for getting my blog lookming as good as yours though ha

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