New Video: Rihanna’s “Man Down” sparks controversy

Rihanna‘s new promo video for her latest single “Man Down” has caused controversy over its depiction of murder and rape.

The video is set in Kingston, Jamaica, and opens with Rihanna gunning a man down in a train station, and then proceeds to show the events of the day before, which culminates with an implied rape after Rihanna leaves a club.

Personally, although the subject matter is heavy, I don’t think the video is graphic enough to cause any distress to people, although I do understand that it may be a bit uncomfortable for some people to watch. However, artists who have a lot of media attention do have a duty to highlight social and cultural issues, so I believe that it’s right for Rihanna to release this video.

On a lighter note, I really like the reggae inspired song and the slower beat makes a nice change to her up-temp0 tracks such as “S&M” and “What’s my Name?” – though of course I’ll never tire from listening to those tracks!

I’d love to know what you think, so please watch the video and comment below:


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