Top Ten Tips for Staying in Hotels

Here are my Top Ten ways of getting the most out of your hotel when staying abroad:

1. Put all complimentary toiletries into your wash bag even if you haven’t used them yet.

     The cleaning people will replace them when they see that they have gone, so you get more free stuff to take home! It’s not technically stealing, it’s just moving things around. Like tax avoidance. 

2. Always make sure that you are holding the key/key card before you close the door to your room.

     One of the most embarrassing things to do is to go down to reception and tell them you have locked yourself out of your own room.*

*I learnt this from experience.

3. Don’t bother packing gym clothes, you’ll never be bothered to go to the gym

     Do visit the gym though; they often have free bottles of water.

4. Breakfast can also double up as snacks for during the day.

   Just because the food is there for breakfast it doesn’t mean it must be consumed then. Take carry-friendly foods such as bananas and biscuits. Scrambled egg and sausages are more daring, but it may be worth the funny looks.

5. Collect all complimentary stationary teabags and sugar sachets

    Let’s be honest here, you’re paying for them in your overall bill, you wouldn’t buy shoes or clothes in a shop and leave them t here would you?*

*UHT milk and the Bible in the bedside cabinet are unacceptable to take with you.

6. Don’t ask for a wake-up call.

    You are woken up suddenly by a stranger who sounds too happy for both the time of day and the job they are doing. It’s very unnerving.

7. There’s no need to have your bed covers turned down for you.

   I just don’t get this. The staff who came to tidy your room before breakfast come back in the evening to fold back the bed covers. It’s pointless; they could have just left it that way in the morning.

8. If you wake up late, and more importantly are showering late, double lock the hotel room door.

This saves you from the highly awkward and embarrassing  moment when the cleaning staff burst into your room whilst you’re are butt naked and drying yourself with a towel.

9. Ask for some clothes hangers before you unpack.

 I can personally guarantee that there will never be enough clothes hangers in the wardrobe. Ever.

10. Don’t order room service.

     It’s just an extortionate price for food which you can get cheaper in the restaurant and to have crumbs all over your bed.


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