LADY GAGA: Born This Way to Eggspress Yourself

In true Gaga fashion, the Fame Monster phenomenom has swept her critics aside after they questioned her originality, by arriving at the Grammys this evening… in an EGG!

The pop icon astounded the red carpet by being arriving in a giant egg carried by several scantily-dressed models.

Crtics had been divided as to whether her latest single, Born This Way, lacked originality after comparing the song to Madonna’s 80’s hit ‘Express Yourself, and the cover artwork to Kylie Minogue’s ‘2 Hearts’ album cover.

Lady Gaga is due to perfom Born This Way at the Grammy Awards tonight, leaving the press guessing if the egg she arrived in actually contained Gaga, or wheter the egg will be used as part of her performance. Born This Way has already stormed the charts, reaching Number 3 in the UK TOP 40 despite only being released on Friday.

Moreover, by the end of Friday Born This Way had become Number 1 on iTunes in 21 countries, and within one day of its release it was the fastest-selling single in the history of the US iTunes Store.

Undoubtedly, 2011 will be another spectacular year for Lady Gaga, who according to Billboard’s Money Maker’s List earnt over $30.5 million in 2010.


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