Lady Gaga single: Born This Way or Express Yourself?

After month’s of waiting, #BornThisWayFriday finally came for Gaga’s Little Monsters as Lady Gaga released her new single from her album, Born This Way.

With strong pop themes the song could be an anthem for equality and acceptance, as Gaga’s lyrics tell people to love who they are regardless of race, disability or sexuality.

However, whilst many monsters love the single, many critics are swarming all over this track, suggesting that it bears many similarities with Madonna’s 80’s club hit, “Express Yourself.” Though even the critics seem divided, with Rolling Stone Magazine calling it an “instant-classic club anthem”, and others slating the single as an Express Yourself rip-off.

Could this be Lady Gaga’s direct challenge to Madonna’s Queen of Pop crown, or a homage to a true music icon? And to be honest, with an estimated $350m fortune, who could blame Gaga for trying to overtake the Material girl?

Personally, I love Born This Way, I think it will be a great party song and I have no doubt that it will feature highly in the UK Top 40, even a number one.

UPDATE: Born This Way is Number 1 on iTunes in 17 countries!

So what do you think, is Born This Way a hit or a flop? Listen to both below:


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